Friday, December 17, 2010

Satans Sadists (1969)

..........yet another ruthless biker flick! I still cant get enough of em either. Ive been wanting to see this for a couple of years. I first saw a trailer for it on the internet a while back and just found it about 2 weeks ago.


Anchor, and his gang of ruffians stop by a local desert diner, and what do they do? Terrorize, of course! The Satan's Sadists hold every one hostage, and it didnt get too out hand until they found out one of the victims was an off duty cop. Then the madness starts.....murder! Torture! More Kidnapping!


Two of the Victims escape into the desert after killing two of the Sadist's members. Afraid that the victims will get to the police they decide to trek on after them. Its pretty much the basic cat and mouse game for the rest of the film with another kidnapping of some campers.Wait, there is some suicide too. Cant forget that!

The whole plan to catch the run away victims fails, as the gang breaks up, bike breakdowns and everyone turning on the leader of the pack.


The story wasnt played out that good, but had a good basic plot. It also had all the great early biker movie staples: fuzzy music, swastikas, chicks, nudity, and tons of blood.

Saturday, December 4, 2010


Los Peyotes- Cavernicola! (No Fun Records)


its just as rockin as all their other releases. to me this is some great straight forward caveman garage. not too much punk and not too sissy. plus they wear bones around their necks! Wish they'd come to the states and stop by cleveland.