Thursday, September 30, 2010

SS Girls (1977)

SS Girls

dir. Bruno Mattei


I saw this a couple of years ago and recently watched it again. Ive been slow on watchin some of my movies recently but picked up that filthy habit again while gettin pumped for Cinema Wasteland this weekend.

Basically this is just another nazisploitation flick. Same imagery, more orgies, and even more death.I believe the director used the same actress Macha Magall in some of his other movies of the same subject. I even got this in a movie bundle called the SS Hell Pack.

Ive never seen so many wierd sexual acts as in this movie...gimps...fat guys...dogs...what?

I love the ending of this movie! You can almost see it happening in real life, and who knows, maybe it did!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Diggin Up Some Dirt

I cam across these pictures that i took a while back. I kinda forgot i had them. They're from a small semi-abandoned cemetery by my house. Its called Denison-Centre Burial Ground. I think it looks so cool due to all of the cracked and fallen headstones. Not all the pictures i took turned out good but these did!

denison cemetary 5-30-09

denison cemetary 5-30-09

denison cemetary 5-30-09

myrtle hill cemetary 5-23-09

You might even be able to get some of these if theyre still available from an etsy shop that me and Erin run.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

semi-new drawings and shtuff!

man, i haven't done anything lately, but have been busy as hell the whole time. So, as for my life, work, eat, practice guitar, drink a lot. Thats about it. For Wolfboy.....played a couple shows this month and have a couple more. Im starting to look for some close yet outa town places to play....Eerie, Pittsburgh, Buffalo, etc. So i had a couple of minutes to spare so i figured id put up some o' my recent crappy drawings!



I didnt draw this, and its not too recent.....but, i did design it for my best gal Erin, and maybe you can read it and tune in sometime?!