Saturday, November 2, 2013

the string shifters, cambridge ohio

heres a little band that i somehow found 2 singles from in the same weekend from different places. i first thought maybe they were some what popular ,but have never seen anything by them since. these songs were recorded in Cambridge, Ohio for the AVC( audio visual creations) label.

i havent been able to find any information on the band, but the studio is still up and running. it has switched from producing music to doing something with video productions. i was really surprised that any sort of info showed up when i googled the label name!

heres the hit which i uploaded to youtube


  1. Hi All My name is Lew Reich I was the leader of the Cambridge based band. We had recorded several 45,s back then with some sucess . From Cambridge we drifted to East Texas and then to Florida where i now live and am retired. I have a son whe is doing good here in Florida. He has a new c.d. coming out the first of 2014 . The name of his band is SSnakeyez. Thanks Josh for posting the info. Lew Reich

  2. Thanks Josh For the Comments Lew Reich Leader of the cambridge band Tha stringshifters

  3. thanks for finding this, very glad to see you are doing well!