Monday, February 8, 2010

WolfBoy Slim debut record coming soon.......hopefully

Dirty Ugly records (usa) is going to realease my one man bands debut record. It not completely mine. It is actually a four way split . It has some very awesome bands on it, that are way better than me! So the fact that they chose me to have one side to my self was a big deal to me. I will have four songs on side A. Side B will consist of: Theee Bat, Skip Jensen, and The Fly and his One Man Garbage. Theee Bat is a 3, possibly 4 piece band from Japan. The Fly is a one man band also from Japan. Skip Jensen is from Canada(i think). It should be a good line up.

Dirty ugly records has also put out realeases by Invisible Mans Revenge, Ghosts Run Wild, Bloodshot Bill, and a slew of other rockers. They also are one of the American labels that sell squoodge records, hogmaw records, and the labels that Dead Elvis is on.


Theee Bat

The Fly and his one man garbage

Skip Jensen and Seb Normal

Other than that theres not too much goin on with me. I did some new drawings.

this guys name is Special Ed
another anchor

I also re-found this picture of me and a friend from 2007, at the Lakewood Zombie Walk.


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  2. i love the fly and his one man garbage!! but wolfboy slim is so dreamy :)

  3. The Fly is a fuckin' madman!

    Congrats on the record--Dirty Ugly is the real deal, man.

    You should tour through Lawrence and let us set you up at The Replay Lounge. The Spook Lights could open, and it'd be a real schlock-n-roll fiesta!