Thursday, March 18, 2010

Couple of cool shows to check out!

Andre Williams will be at the Beachland in Cleveland on Friday, march 19th!

I hear there will be a book signing for his new release called Sweets. Even more rumors.....a dance party! I'm not too hip to dancing, although i would be if i wasn't a scaredy cat! Ive never heard of a bad Andre show so im really pumped.


The Strange Now Thats Class on March 31st!

I first saw this band last year..... i think. I had never even heard of them at the time, but really like what i saw. Kinda snotty/ nasally vocals, but in a super good way. It almost sounds like a teener/garage Creedence Clearwater Revival! They even played a CCR cut. I havent really listened to a lot of their records but Im still anxious to see them live again!


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  1. good plug on the strange boys, boyfriend! when they played on my radio show a few years ago it was the first time i saw them and i was blooooown away. they are so talented!