Friday, May 21, 2010

the Black Street Fighter (1975)

Also called the Black Fist, Bogard, and Homeboy!


Classic Blaxploitation at its finest! Leroy is just a young black guy lookin for some work. He can fight, and hustle, and thats about it. He comes across a mob of rich white guys who are into organized street fights. So of course he gets mixed up with them. He starts gettin more money each fight, and people start to notice.....cops! Now theyre wantin payoffs from him, but theyre tied in with his boss who aranges the fights? Cheap bastard! now he wants out. If he quits them theyre gonna get him!


The quality almost looks like someone just transfered their dubbed vhs copy straight to dvd. I actually found this at K-Mart on a box set of 8 Blaxploitation movies. They all rule. I think theres about 2 or 3 more i have to get to yet. So 2 fists up for this sleazoid flick!

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  1. Oh yeah, this looks like something I need. Kmart? Who'd have thunk it?!