Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Flesh Eater (1988)

Director: Bill Hinzman

For some reason this movie popped into my head today. Ive already seen it nearly 10 times, so im sick of watching it. So what do i do? I come home from my super horrid job as a bible printer and write about the movie!


A bunch of kids just lookin to "party down" come across an old burial plot. For some super strange reason he rises from the dead as soon as someone decides mess with his grave! Who coulda figured?! All these dirty kids wanted was some booze, pot, and some NOOKIE! But what do they get? Killed and turned into zombies!


Director and Actor Bill Hinzman was one of the original Night of the Living Dead zombies! so i find it super cool he was still into making these type of flicks over 20 years later. He still looked nearly the same. He even made an apperance in Cleveland at the Lakewood zombie walk a year or two ago. So I guess hes still goin strong!


He supposedly bites into a real pig heart that was used as a prop. I cant really believe thats real because why would they have one? Thats just what i hear so i figure i would pass it along for gossips sake.Photobucket

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