Friday, November 5, 2010

some fang-tastic finds!

Ghosts Run Wild- Ms Mystery Demos (tri-lobed burning records)


First off, this is such a killer thing to have. Its a regular cd with 3 songs burned on it.....but you can throw it on the turntable too! it has one song lathe cut on the bottom(shiny) side of the cd. Just one of the many great releases from my friend in Ghosts Run Wild.

Zeno Tornado & the Boney Google Bro's -Dirty Dope Infected Bluegrass (voodoo rhythm)


Some real cool outlaw modern country trash. I got a hard time saying this but, its way better than all this modern underground country thats goin around...not to mention any names though. Another great trash blast from voodoo rhythm records.

Spider Babies- Greatest Hits (black lung rec's)


The Spider babies have been kickin out some of the trashiest jams around and finally got them all fudge packed onto one slab. Think the mummies meets the monsters with more offensive and sexist lyrics to add to their charm.

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