Monday, January 25, 2010

Musical Monday


I fixed the amp i bought on saturday. I got a 100 watt marshall for $15 from a junk store. I was skeptic to buy it being afraid that it wouldnt turn or, or if it did that the speaker would be blown.
Well first off the chord was split all the way by where it connects to the on/off switch was. So i spliced it back together and popped in a new fuse. Bam! it works. I almost had a heart attack. Id been whining and complaining all day yesterday that i wasted money i didnt have to spend on it. Now im glad i did!

Rev. Dead Eye "One Eyed Soul Saver" is coming to Cleveland this tuesday. Hes playin at Now Thats Class. Hes one of my favorite new one man bands. He plays kinda trashy delta blues. Lots of slide guitar too.

John Schooley. This is a song off his record on Voodoo Rhythm Records.

I want one of those washboard vests. I saw some one in the Goddamn Gallows wearing one but thought i was homemade. I guess theres more. SO COOL!

Chucklefoot...this guy is cool. Cleveland needs one of these dudes.

Bloodshot bill.....covering my favorite Eddie Cochran song. Diggin his shirt!


  1. so much great music in one post!!!

  2. thank you. this is a very good thing you have going on here!