Saturday, August 7, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me (1981)


To me this was a pretty awesome flick. It made a good impression by someone getting killed less than 5 minutes into the movie. The main character Ginny is recovering from a auto accident that happened a year prior to the story. She suffers from some sort of psychotic blackouts from the treatment she got while in the hospital. Supposedly cured she goes on a forgotten rampage the week before her 18th birthday.

She WAS one of the popular girls in her group of friends. Her memory slowly comes back with each gory murder she commits. She slowly remembers her past and has no recollection of the murders, till the very end.

There was plenty of good ol' bloody scenes. My favorite was the weight lifting scene, and maybe the romantic make out scene that ended up with a skewer down someones throat.

So enough of that non sense....heres some good ol' rock n roll!

The Ding Dongs (Norton) ....Cool new duet featuring Bloodshot Bill and Mark Sultan. A bunch of ragers and stompers. I dig the whole thing, but im leanin a bit towards the ones BB sings on!

Esquerita-You better believe me(Norton) .....not as good of stuff as on the Dew Drop Inn single. It does have a rad Little Richard interview on it!

Bobby "Boris" Picket- Monsers Holiday (Atlantic).....another monster smash by the original king of monster rock n roll.

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