Thursday, September 9, 2010

semi-new drawings and shtuff!

man, i haven't done anything lately, but have been busy as hell the whole time. So, as for my life, work, eat, practice guitar, drink a lot. Thats about it. For Wolfboy.....played a couple shows this month and have a couple more. Im starting to look for some close yet outa town places to play....Eerie, Pittsburgh, Buffalo, etc. So i had a couple of minutes to spare so i figured id put up some o' my recent crappy drawings!



I didnt draw this, and its not too recent.....but, i did design it for my best gal Erin, and maybe you can read it and tune in sometime?!

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  1. it's weird, even though i follow your site, i didn't know you'd posted anything since i started! Blogger didn't let me know, or something...anyway, nice art!