Sunday, October 10, 2010



CHUD (cannibalistic humanoid underground dwellers) 1984

A top secret underground urban waste dump is turning the local homeless people into mutant cannibals......

Ive debated every time i go to Best Buy whether i should pick this up or not. So today i went for it. Got home, popped that sucker in ,and....well....wasnt as cool as it seems. The idea of the movie rules and is right up my alley. I just dont think they pulled it off right.


There was some cool these sweet lookin mutant things....some know, all the good stuff! It wasnt too bad of a movie, just kinda hard to take Daniel Stern seriously.


I picked this up at My Minds Eye Records today. it was dirt cheap...20 smackaroos! I think its more than that on the Big Beat Records Website.


Its a set of five 7 in records: The Vibes, Meteors, Guana Batz, Stingrays, Bananamen, and the Milkshakes!

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